Omnivore - Young Augustine's not closing

But some want the Standard back.

Image Here we go again. Rumors have been flying that Young Augustine's (formerly the Standard) is closing. I contacted manager Kyle Faucher and he sent me this email:

We are not closing. There was a prospective buyer, but that deal has not been completed. I've spoken with the possible new owners and they intend to stay true to Young Augustine's concept. They will not be closing for any reason and intend to continue with the successful business that has been created over the past year. Once again that deal is not complete, so we are and will continue to run as we are. Please help me in squelching this rumor because as you know people hear things and assume the worst. Thanks for contacting me to clear this up.

One source of the rumor is a Facebook page. The page's author, Wade Shiver, wants to see Young Augustine's revert to its earlier style as The Standard, a request that's not necessarily related to the rumor itself:
This is a call to all of those that appreciated what was there before. We were there through the good, bad and ugly. Then, all of a sudden, some decided that it was time for a change and our beloved dear young Augustine was thrust onto Memorial Drive. Since the STANDARD closed, I know I have been there less than half a dozen times. I was neither impressed with the food, drink, or Midtown aesthetics. I think it was just the ...wrong place, the wrong price, and the wrong direction. My opinion on the matter is that if you cannot make money of of $2 dollar drinks, who is going to pay for $5 dollar drinks. That is like putting a Gucci outlet in the West End mall.

Personally I felt the Standard was part of the essence of Grant Park and I was glad to be there. Feeling alienated and spending my money there as some sort of pawn to be marketed to never attracted me to frequent the spot after the name change. There were and are several owners, managers, and patrons that through their hard work and rich characters made something really special. The STANDARD was the closest I came to walking into "Cheers" in this town...

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