Omnivore - Top Chef" All-stars: OMG EVERYONE PIMPING TARGET!!!"

Puppets and crass marketing: this week's episode.

Image Could any show ever pimp any commercial interest any more? I mean I know it's television and stuff but this just seems insane. The whole SHOW was one big Target pimp. Let's see how that went for old Target, shall we?

But first, the puppets. Carla didn't manage to fulfill her fate and secure a spot alongside her fellow Muppets or puppets or whatever. Instead she made mediocre cookies while other people made decent cookies and Dale put potato chips in cookies because he is determined this week to prove to everyone that he smokes more pot than any other person who has ever cooked anything. His Elmo showdown was amusing. I do wanna see Dale curse at Elmo. Oh lord do I wanna see that.

So, ho-hum, here's this commercial break, and uh...what's this?