Omnivore - Poncey-Highland food trucks shut down by Fulton County

Not a good day for Atlanta's street food movement

Saturday was tough for Atlanta's burgeoning street food movement. Via John Kessler:

An enforcer with the Fulton County Department of Health & Wellness made the rounds of Poncey-Highland’s burgeoning street-food corridor yesterday and shut down all vendors serving hot food in the middle of their lunch rush.

“We were told we could serve our food as long as we weren’t preparing it on the street,” said Leslie Santiago, who runs the weekends-only El Burro Pollo burrito stand with her husband, Hector. “But today they told us we needed to have a license, even on private property.”

Atlanta Fry Guy was also shutdown. The King of Pops stayed open.

The county, which says it learned about the food vendors from an AJC blog, defended its actions in a public statement released today. Expect there to be lots o' debate about this confusion in the next week.