Omnivore - Jasper Hill Farm's sexy, stinky Winnimere

An ode to one of the greatest examples of artisan cheese making anywhere

Image Cheese, much like produce, changes according to the season. In winter months, due to the change in diet from grass to hay and less exercise, dairy cows produce a milk that is richer and higher in fat. This change in milk makes it perfect for making soft, creamy cheeses. One of my favorite seasonal creamy cheeses is Winnimere from Jasper Hill Farm.

High up in the northwest kingdom of Vermont, in the small idyllic town of Greensboro, lies Jasper Hill Farm. Started early this century by Andy and Mateo Kehler, Jasper Hill has become a model for up-and-coming producers.

I first came to know Mateo and Jasper Hill cheese in 2003 while working at Murray's cheese counter. I quickly became a fan of Mateo's cheeses, and have been fortunate enough to visit the farm on occasion and develop a friendship with the cheese makers. Jasper Hill has produced many favorites that have become staples at cheese counters around the nation.