Omnivore - Revisiting a couple of restaurants

Back to Fritti and Victory Sandwich Bar

Matt Lewis, the talented cake-maker who operated Matty Cakes on Piedmont Ave., has landed a job with Tasty Pastry (9945 Jones Bridge Rd, 770-475-8181) in Johns Creek.

I stopped by Fritti last night for the first time in many months. The restaurant was busy for a Monday night and my pizza was the usual high-quality. I ordered one made with pancetta, mozzarella, caramelized onions and hot pepper. Great flavors and textures. Oh, and there was the char that every pizza foodie in town is always looking for.

During my meal, I looked around and realized that the six people on my right and left were literally all staring at their iPhones. I mentioned this to the guy sitting at my left. After a few minutes of conversation we realized that we had swapped mail just a day or two earlier. It's a tiny world, thanks to the Intertubes....

Around the corner from Fritti is Victory Sandwich Bar, featured in my most recent "Grazing" column. I've developed something of an addiction to the restaurant's $4 sandwiches. This trip I ordered the one made with white anchovies and romaine lettuce — just delicious. I was hungry enough that I ordered two more of the slider-sized sandwiches, both of which I've tried before.

I have to say that the sandwiches were not as well made as they were during previous visits. Both the Hambo and the Lamborghini seemed under-filled this visit, but still irresistible.

One piece of advice: Expel the loudmouthed guy at the bar. He's been there during two of my visits. I'm not sure if he's an employee, but he's incredibly obnoxious.