Omnivore - Fine, I'll eat 'em all myself

Sampling Sugar Coated Radical's pastries

I found myself sitting at Starbucks with a flood of crumbs at my feet and all over my shorts yesterday. It was all the fault of Taria Camerino and the "Bakery Sunday" she's hosting every week at her shop, Sugar Coated Radical.

I stopped by Taria's tiny store with the thought of buying a few pieces of her amazing chocolate, but ended up instead with three pastries, including a tarte tatin that featured thin-sliced beets with goat cheese.

Taria has long been considered one of the city's top pastry chefs, so it's our good luck that she's branched out to offer pastries too. The city's only mobile coffee truck, Rattletrap Coffee, was just leaving as I arrived. It's there 9 a.m.-3 p.m. every Sunday to complement Taria's baked goods.

The pastries I sampled yesterday, including a real croissant, were flaky, sweet, savory, salty. I tried to get friends at Starbucks to share them with me, but they wouldn't put their figures at risk. Thus I was compelled to eat all three myself.

(Video courtesy of Keith Roberts.)