Omnivore - Pay your taxes, then have a spectacular meal

Dinner Party plans its next meal

Image Now it's your turn.

Besha mentioned in her "Open Letter to Kim Severson" attending one of the Dinner Party events hosted by Patrick La Bouff and Darren Carr, who is one of the owners of Top Flr and The Sound Table.

You too can attend one of the peripatetic banquets on April 15, tax day. Be sure to make your reservations well ahead and get the IRS payment out of the way so the very reasonable $100 charge won't feel like a lot of money.

Part of the fun is that participants aren't informed of the dinner's location or menu until the morning of the day it's served. The website describes it this way:

Dinner Party is all about the element of surprise: surprising venues, surprising company and surprising culinary adventure. In keeping with this spirit, menu and wine selections are kept strictly under wraps until the night of the dinner. To whet your appetite, below are menu and wine selections from previous dinner parties.

Executive chef of the dinner parties is Shane Devereux, sometimes assisted by other great chefs in the city like Paul Luna. Dinner, 9 p.m., consists of five courses paired with wines chosen by Sommelier John Dirga and is preceded by Lance Warner's cocktails at 8 p.m.

Don't delay in making a reservation on the Dinner Party website. Seriously, they sell out fast.