Omnivore - Wisconsin Farmers, Pi Day, Coffee reduces your stress and more from the internet today

Tiddly bits about food from the internet today.


Whether or not you agree with Wisconsin Governer Scott Walker's union busting, Farmer Tony Shultz's speech is a moving and heartfelt look at the farmer's views.

It's just a day for videos apparently. If you celebrated Pi Day on Monday you may be gravely mathematically mistaken. But this video explaining why we should use Tau to notate and calculate circles uses a cherry and a peach pi to demonstrate, so that's cool.

So animals have faces and can feel so eating them is weird, and maybe plants actually can feel so should we eat them too? NY Times Carol Keausuk Yoon conjectures, and may equate eating anything at all to genocide towards the end of the article.

If you haven't heard, blogging is kind of big right now. You know what else is big? Niche blogging. First there was the guy who decided he wold watch Julia and Julia every day for a month, and now, for Lent, this guy has decided to drink nothing but beer and water like the monks used to back in the day.

If you're going to San Antonio anytime soon and can't bear (get it? bear? get it?) to leave your pooch at home, go to the River Walk Hotel, where you can order room service for your dog. Yeah.

Sometimes a basketball bracket just isn't punny enough. When you yearn for a food-related breakdown of puns, check out this bracket of bands with food names in celebration of March Madness.

Pepsi Co. has released a bottle completely made from repurposed food.

Drinking one cup of coffee or more may reduce your risk of stroke if you're woman-folk.