Omnivore - Gravy Train: Blais' hot dog concept called HD10...maybe, Top FLR crew to open Midtown concept

Also: Pizza in Decatur, Silk to close


Based on permits filed by the Holy Taco folks, it’s looking like the working name for the new restaurant moving into the Shaun’s location in Inman Park is One Eared Stag.

In other permitting news, we’re seeing the name HD10 associated with the old San Francisco Coffee location in Poncey-Highland that’s said to be home to Richard Blais’ new hot dog concept (HD... hot dog... not a far stretch if you ask us). We'd love to tell you more, but at this time, Blais’ representation was not able to comment on the progress of the new restaurant.

The crew behind Top FLR and Sound Table will be opening a new concept in Midtown, though details are still under wraps. The space is expected to open sometime this summer in the former Cuerno/Lupe Taqueria space on Juniper. Shane Devereux will act as the executive chef.