Omnivore - Flip me some cash

$14 for a burger, $5 for brussel sprouts, ka-ching

I paid a second visit to Richard Blais' Flip Burger Boutique in Buckhead with friends a couple of weeks back. I had much better food than I did during my first visit. I ordered a chorizo patty with romesco ketchup, manchego cheese, smoked mayo and hash browns topped with a fried egg. Yes, an exercise in excess, but it actually avoided the muddled flavors I experienced during my first visit. Cost: $7.50.

My friends avoided the super-weird and went for the burger made of of "local, organic, grass-fed beef" shaped into patties by blind South Georgia nuns whose lips have never been stained by fast food and whose hands confer the blessings of our Lord upon each morsel of cow flesh. The patties are anointed with Coca-Cola ketchup and piled with a tomme cheese, beef bacon, lettuce, yellow tomato, red onion, pickled peach and pecans. Fourteen dollars, please. It really does taste good, despite the cost.

I most enjoyed the caramelized brussel sprouts ($5) with ginger-bacon vinaigrette and the fried pickles with sriracha-tinged buttermilk dip ($3).

Too much money, really. Meanwhile, the Food Network super-star Blais plans a hot dog venue, according to our sleuthing Gravy Train writer, Laura Horton.

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