Omnivore - An interview with Richard Blais about his new restaurant in partnership with Concentrics

What's up with the new gig in the old Globe locataion

Image Yesterday, the AJC reported that Richard Blais and Concentrics would be opening a new, as yet unnamed restaurant in Technology Square in Midtown. I caught up with Blais, who is in Beijing "demonstrating modern western culinary techniques in front of 6,000 people" today, to find out a little more.

Besha Rodell: Okey Dokes. Super exciting...how did this come about?

Richard Blais: It came about quite organically. Todd Rushing sent me a text the night I won "Top Chef" saying congrats. I said we should chat. The three of us met Blais, Rushing and Amick and they already had a space, And I enjoyed my time with them at One Midtown Kitchen. We hashed out a plan over a few meetings, and here we are.

BR: Are you a partner? I'm assuming so...how is the relationship different now than it was when you worked for Concentrics before?

RB: Yes, I am a partner. The relationship is different because of the partnership. They've always been great employers, now they'll be great partners. They respect my vision, I've always respected their operations. They have contributed a great deal to the dining scene here. They also have the management and operational foundation that I don't. We both are bringing much to the table.

BR: From the statement I saw it seems like you're planning on spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Do you see this as a more hands on chef gig than Flip etc? Will you have an executive chef there or will that be your title alone?