Omnivore - Paula Deen's chickens face uncertain future

The Food Network star's hens may have to be evicted from their Savannah home


There’s little I don’t love about Paula Deen. Her butter obsession, her slow, deliberate “heyy yawwl,” her Santa Clause husband and even her wide-eyed, way-too-tan face ogling at me from the cover of her magazine (ok, maybe not that last part).

But now, I love her even more. Apparently, Deen keeps a flock of rescued chickens at her Savannah home, and is completely in love with the birds. Check out this video from April 2010, in which Deen takes cameras on a tour of the coop and talks to her chickens like they’re children (if you said things like “I’m not gonna put you in the fryer” to your children).

Unfortunately, I found out about Deen’s love for chickens of the non-fried variety by learning that her hens, and the hens of a few other Savannah residents, are in danger of being evicted. Basically, people complained about one man’s chickens, because his home isn’t in an area that’s zoned for agriculture. Now, Chatham County is investigating other chicken owners, including Deen, to see whether they're adhering to the zoning laws. Here's what Deen's publicist had to say about the matter: