Omnivore - Best Mexican protest meal

A stellar meal at Rosebud


Happy Independence Day — even if you're an immigrant...as long as you have the right papers and don't get food stamps and don't object to having your family split up.

How utterly grim that HB 87, minus (for the time being) some especially draconian provisions, went into effect a few days before the birthday of the Great Melting Pot. It's another example of the outright meanness that is overtaking this country. Even George Bush understood the humanitarian need to grant amnesty to current residents.

Many businesses shut down and thousands marched on the state capitol on July 1 and 2. Few businesses are likely to be as affected as restaurants, whose kitchen staffs are often immigrants. Instead of shutting down July 1, "Angry Chef" Ron Eyester offered a special Mexican menu at Rosebud. Katie Valentine wrote a post about Eyester's plan a few days ago. It provoked lots of conversation.

What didn't get discussed is the menu. I stopped by the restaurant on a whim and got a seat at the bar. It was one of the best Mexican meals I've had in our city in many moons. Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat much, but I heard raves on both sides of me. Of course, I wanted to try the carnitas made with River View Farms pork, but that dish sold out quickly during lunchtime.

I ordered the carne asada made with Brasstown Beef's flat iron steak. Cooked medium rare, it was sliced for construction of tacos with corn tortillas. Every restaurant in town that serves refried beans should ask Eyester's kitchen for advice. They were not the usual gluey texture but almost fluffy and full of flavor, like I remember actually eating in Mexico at times. Ditto for the Mexican rice, something so consistently awful I won't usually eat it. There was also a nicely sour tomatillo salsa and some grilled onions. Perfect tacos.

There was lots more on the menu. I hope it's offered again.