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Pennsylavania restaurant bans kids under 6. Should Atlanta do the same?


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  • No kids may disturb the fine casual dining

I hate this. Eater reports another case of banning children from restaurants:

Pennsylvania restaurant owner Mike Vuick has had it with your obnoxious children, and as of July 16, kids under the age of six will no longer be welcome at his restaurant, McDain's. No exceptions. According to Vuick, bringing kids into his restaurant is "the height of being impolite and selfish."

Of course, parents aren't happy, but Vuick doesn't mind: "You know, their child — maybe as it should be — is the center of their universe. But they don't realize it's not the center of the universe." So now adults of any age can enjoy their Shrimp Basket & Fries ($6.95) and their Fresh Alfredo Penne Primavera ($11.95, add $2 for chicken) in peace, free from the tyranny of shrieking, gurgling hellspawn.

This has occasionally come up at Atlanta restaurants, the most infamous of which, The Supper Club in Decatur, closed five or so years ago. That "ban" was understandable, since the restaurant created a highly romantic, adult ambiance. It was hard to picture kids running about in that exotic refuge.

But it's very difficult to understand why a restaurant like McDain's, associated with a golf facility of some sort, would banish kids. It calls itself a "fine casual dining" restaurant. I guess the picture of its dining room above illustrates that rather oxymoronic (and all too common) description.

I enjoy interacting with kids in restaurants, perhaps because my childless status doesn't require that I do so the rest of the time. The occasional blood-curdling screams are not exactly music to my ears, but neither is the ubiquitous cell-phone chatter of disassociated adults.