Omnivore - Cravings and Memories

Conjuring up memories of meals gone by


Do you ever have a craving for a long gone restaurant? Not just a dish they served, but the experience they delivered, the memories they lodged in your brain? This morning I had one of those moments, overcome by an irresistible urge to walk up to the counter at Dynamic Dish, peruse the tiny chalkboard menu, and pick out an insanely good and fresh dish (or two) to share with friends, over a bottle of wine that we brought in. We may lament the passing of many restaurants, but few are able to really grab a space in our subconscious and hold on for years and years.

As I thought about what other places have lingered on in my memories, Element popped up - I remember walking in for the first time, sitting down, and asking Richard Blais to just let the kitchen bring us whatever they were feeling that night. And they did, and it was dish after dish of fun and delicious and intrigue. We left somewhat delirious, having had to practically beg the kitchen to stop. At least, that's the memory I'll always have.

So what are your imbedded cravings? What restaurant memories are just waiting in your mind, ready to bring a smile to your face and a moment of longing when they rise to the surface?