Omnivore - UPDATE: Jose Rego to take over the kitchen at Escorpion

Riccardo Ullio changes up the kitchen staff at his new Midtown taqueria


Riccardo Ullio and Jose Rego are teaming up again. Rego, who ran the kitchen for Ullio at Sotto Sotto and then Lupe, is taking over operations at Escorpion. Says Ullio, "The menu will change significantly. I just had my first tasting yesterday and was very impressed. The salmon ceviche with coconut milk and sesame seeds is a stunner."

Rego was also the chef at the sadly under appreciated Allegro in Midtown. Early this year, he opened a taqueria in Forest Park called Taco Rancho. No word yet on whether Rego is still involved in Taco Rancho, which is still open.

UPDATE: I just got this statement from Jose Rego:
I am done with Taco Rancho. It seems to me that no matter what I always end up coming back to work with Riccardo. I am so excited to have the opportunity to showcase my talent again in the heart of Atlanta. I'm looking forward to changing the menu here at Escorpion and make people happy when they eat my food, that's my #1 priority.