Omnivore - The war over peaches

Oh no they didn't! Georgia's "Peach State" title is challenged


Peaches made the front page of the New York Times’ website today. The article is about Georiga’s battle with South Carolina over which state really deserves the title of “Peach State,” something Georgia has claimed for more than 100 years. Georgians have debated whether our state's peaches are really the best-tasting peaches in the U.S. for a while, but the article takes some more quantifiable information into account.

"But by the 1950s, South Carolina had taken over as the biggest peach-producing state. Now, although quantities have dropped, it ships 90,000 tons a year compared with Georgia’s 40,000 tons, according to United States Department of Agriculture statistics. (New Jersey follows with 32,000 tons.)"

According to the article, peaches became South Carolina's state fruit in 1984 - 11 years before they became Georgia's in 1995. South Carolina has one certified organic peach grower - pretty sad, but not as sad as Georgia's zero. And that's not all: