Omnivore - From Lunacy Black Market to Houlihan's

Here and there

Image Lunacy Black Market is closing Aug. 15-30. The restaurant has also discontinued lunch service but will "relaunch some version of daytime dining in September," according to an email from owner Paul Luna...

Local chefs recently raised $30,000 for Wholesome Wave Georgia, a program that subsidizes low-income families' access to farmers markets. Among those participating in the fundraiser, Southern Chefs Potluck, were (pictured, from left): Serenbe founder Steve Nygren; Southern Foodways Alliance Immediate Past President, Angie Mosier; Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch Chef Linton Hopkins: and WWG Founder Gina Hopkins, co-owner of Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch.

I hit the Grant Park Farmers Market — the one in front of our house — last Sunday and walked away with the last peaches of the year. I should have bought three bags. I've already eaten 10 of them.

I also stopped by Franco Boeri's cheese booth. I've been craving gouda a lot lately and asked if Franco had some. "Just this Georgia gouda," he said. "Nothing like the real thing."