Omnivore - Gravy Train: A Chef's Counter at No. 246, the ultimate Atlanta burger

Also: AtlantaFresh halts cheese production, H&F gets boozy


  • James Camp
  • Get up close and personal with the No. 246 kitchen.

No. 246 has added their version of a chef’s table - a Chef’s Counter - which will be the only spot in the restaurant available for reservations. There are four seats available between 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. from Tuesday - Sunday. Guests who dine at the chef’s counter can chat with Chef Drew Belline as he prepares their dinner, an impromptu five-course menu priced at $50 per person.

Five Napkin Burger, planning to open on August 15 in the former Nickiemoto's, is running a contest to determine the ultimate Atlanta burger. The winner of the “Build the Atlanta Burger” Challenge gets $1000 in burger bucks, so you can feast on your own creation (that’s not narcissistic, right?). In the press release, Five Napkin says they are the only upscale restaurant devoted to the art of the hamburger, which seems like quite the ambitious claim considering the glut of gourmet burgers we’re seeing these days.

AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery has decided to stop production on their Mozarella Cheese and Creme Fraiche. For the time being, they will focus only on their yogurt products. They hope to someday return to cheese making, and even expand their offerings.