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A half-pounder at 5 Napkin Burger


I paid a second visit to 5 Napkin Burger Monday night. Morbid curiosity required that I order the restaurant's $13.50 hot dog with a side of fries. The menu described it as an all-beef half-pounder. I have never really liked hot dogs — not even as a kid — but I figured this had to be something extra-special to cost $13.50. Maybe it was sausage, which I do like if it's decent quality.


Yeah, 5 Napkin's dog is big but it tastes Oscar Mayer-esque, at least as I recall those iconic gut bombs. I couldn't eat more than two-thirds of it — it was the taste, not the size — and maybe a third of my fries.

The total bill, including a soft drink and a $4 tip, was $21.01. Am I crazy to think that's absurd for a hot dog that doesn't taste as good as one you'd buy at Turner Field?

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