Omnivore - Antico Pizza plans to add wine to their repertoire

Antico Pizza receives license to sell beer and wine.


By now most of us have willingly jumped onto the Antico Pizza bandwagon, whose Neapolitan classics have come to be regarded as some of (if not the) best pizza in Atlanta. Until recently however, the only type of sauce to be found in the joint came on the pies, leaving those interested in an alcoholic accompaniment to their own BYO-whatever devices. Well Antico fans, it seems the times they are a'changin'. Those in want (or need) of a big-kid drink with lunch can rest easy, you've got some Italian wine options coming your way.

Earlier this month, Atlanta Magazine reported that team Antico had in fact applied for their liquor license. On Tuesday, owner Giovanni di Palma confirmed that Antico had received a license to sell beer and wine to customers. In response to the question of whether or not patrons would still be able to BYOB, di Palma offers his reassurances, insisting "we have no plans to change our allowance to patrons who bring beer or wine within reason, and who are of age and consume responsibly. You may bring or buy it."