Omnivore - Eat chocolate or die young

Hurry to Cacao and Sugar-Coated Radical

Image Well, it's official. You're a dumbass if you don't eat chocolate every day. Cambridge University recently reported that its meta-analysis of seven studies of 100,000 people concludes that chocolate consumption dramatically reduces risk of heart disease. Says The Telegraph:

Those who eat more chocolate have a 37 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who eat little, according to a Cambridge University analysis of seven separate studies, containing in total over 100,000 people.

They also have a 29 per cent lower chance of stroke, although they do not have a lower risk of heart failure.

The studies, which followed people in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the US and Japan for about a decade on average, did not focus on dark chocolate alone, which is believed to be the most beneficial type.

Rather, they included consumption of other types including milk chocolate and chocolate bars, drinks, biscuits and desserts.

The bad news is that you don't get to gorge yourself:

The study only suggested two pieces of chocolate a day; while other studies have indicated a mere 20 to 50g — a small bar’s worth — is enough

This is a great reason to visit our city's new chocolate shops — Cacao in Virginia-Highland and Sugar-Coated Radical in the Old Fourth Ward. In fact, your life may depend on it.