Omnivore - Server appreciation? There's an app for that

Say thanks with We&Co


It's always nice when you go out for a meal and the service doesn't suck. What's more disappointing than a would-be-wonderful dining experience foiled by an uncaring and inexperienced server? Ew. Luckily, there is just as much potential to have a memorable experience as there is for an awful one. Dining out becomes a genuine pleasure when your dinner service provider is a true professional; someone with the ability to guide you through the evening in an attentive, yet unobtrusive way. Good service can be transcendent, and good servers should be rewarded. Right?

Well Jared Malan thinks so, which is why he came up with We&Co; an app that allows diners to thank their servers for a job well-done.

His love for technology aside, the former server turned Notre Dame MBA says that the best way to show your appreciation is by thanking your server in person—and leaving them a fat tip. But Malan is also an idealist on a mission to make society more empathetic through technology. "I wanted to find a way to make people happier," he says, "especially during hard economic times."

Launched in late July and based out of Atlanta, the We&Co app is an evolution of social media check-ins. Powered by GPS, the app automatically pulls up a list of businesses in the area, and after service, customers can post thank-you messages on their server's profile. The app tracks the number of times a user thanks a particular employee, and after 10 "thanks," the user is granted "regular" status. Once a regular, users become eligible for any perks or incentives offered by participating businesses. For example, if you become a regular of Condesa Coffee through We&Co, you get free coffee for a week.