Omnivore - Hunger skyrockets in Georgia's wealthiest area

CBS's "Sunday Morning" features Forsyth County's "new poor."

When CBS's "Sunday Morning" show did a piece on food stamps and the "new poor," where did they go for the story? To Atlanta's suburbs:

In Forsyth County's rolling subdivisions near Atlanta, Easy Street seems to run forever. What recession? The average household here earns $88,000 - the highest in Georgia, 13th highest in America.

But for more families here, prosperity is a pretense. The job's lost, the savings are gone, and the big house is either in foreclosure or on its way. And just keeping food on the table is a struggle.

So Forsyth's newly-needy file into local food banks.

Please watch the video. If you are among those who conclude that the 15 percent of Americans now on food stamps are shirking their responsibilities, the video may give you a different perspective. Two years after the Great Recession supposedly ended, food stamp use continues to skyrocket.