Omnivore - Eat, drink and increase your ideal weight

So what if you've gained 20 lbs? It's actually only 10 lbs. extra


  • The Daily Mail

What would the piggiest season of the year be without the Gallup Poll's annual spoilsport report on the growing rotundness of Americans?

Figures in this year's Health and Healthcare Survey are pretty damn shocking. Since 1990, average weights for men and women have increased 20 lbs. But we've headed-off serious distress by telling ourselves a flattering lie: We've increased our definition of our ideal weight by 10 lbs. The LA Times says:

Gallup's findings help paint a grim picture of mass delusion in the United States about its rising weight and the spate of health problems that come with it. American parents are notoriously poor judges of their childrens' weight, as well. The result: Primary care physicians, long reluctant to lecture their patients about weight loss, now debate how best to break the news to patients and their parents that they are above their healthy weights.

(Click on the picture to read an article about children and holiday meal consumption.)