Omnivore - Our most famous food-related facial hair, threatened!!

Hugh Acheson offers to pluck the unibrow for charity


No, it's not Kevin Gillespie's beard (so 2009!). It's Hugh Acheson's unibrow. For $100,000, he's willing to lose his one eyebrow. $100,000 for charity that is, specifically Wholesome Wave, an organization that delivers fresh fruits and veggies to poor neighborhoods.

The Wholesome Wave page says "Hugh will pluck his unibrow," but I'm a little unsatisfied with what exactly that means. For $100,000, it seems he should lose the unibrow altogether - like, go eyebrowless. Probably not though - more likely he'll just have some fancy salon sculpt his brows into something palatable.

He also told New York Magazine's Grub Street "To change the way the world eats slowly but surely, I will Brazilian wax my balls."

Awesome. The body hair of semi-famous people could save the world, and our own Mr. Acheson will pave the way.