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How much can a toaster cost?


I ran into a major foodie friend at Starbucks a few days ago. He was on his way to the Cook's Warehouse to return this toaster by Breville. It has all kinds of high-tech features.

Nonetheless, I was shocked to hear that it cost $140. My friend was returning it because he thought it was broken. However, when he got to the store, a salesperson "re-booted" it for him and now all is well...until the next bout of blinking lights.

I wondered how in the world someone decides to spend $140 on a toaster. I'm sure my own poor financial status in part explains my surprise that such a device even exists. But still....

By coincidence, I was reading the New York Review of Books' review of Herman Cain's book when my friend came by. It was the same day that Cain's candidacy turned into toast. Weird.