Omnivore - The 25 trendiest trends

The Daily Meal cites everything from kale to Peruvian dining

Image The Daily Meal has concocted a list of the 25 top-food trends in 2011. There's nothing particularly surprising on the list. In fact, much of it seems a continuation from the last few years.

Among the few trends that I did find interesting was Peruvian cooking. Restaurants have come, gone and come again in Atlanta for the last decade. The original, Machu Picchu, still continues to thrive, however. Other restaurants like Tierra and Pura Vida feature Peruvian dishes from time to time. Check out Yelp for others.

The Daily Meal also cites another wave of Italian cooking. That is certainly true in Atlanta with, most recently, No. 246, La Pietra Cucina and Cibo e Beve, among others. These are not efforts to exactly duplicate classic Italian cooking but to riff on it.

More picks: Gluten-free dining, iPad apps, the ascension of pastry chefs to top-chef status, Nordic cuisine, new burger chains, kale (it's everywhere here), billion-dollar remodeling of McDonald's and foreign chefs opening restaurants here.