Omnivore - Lunch at MetroFresh

Keeping it sort of healthy

Image My friends and I lunched today at MetroFresh, which I haven't visited in months. Owner MItchell Anderson stresses healthy but not strictly vegetarian or boring food. (There are quite a few gluten-free dishes.)

I had one of MetroFresh's specials, a sandwich of tomato and fresh mozzarella with pecan-basil pesto and mixed greens. The sandwich was beautiful but the ingredients left much to be desired. I don't really understand why anyone is serving sliced tomatoes this time of year. They were tasteless as, alas, was the fresh mozzarella. Consequently, the sandwich tasted mainly of pesto.

Others at the table ordered better, choosing salads: brussels sprouts with red pears, spicy walnuts and blue cheese for one; and curry chicken salad with couscous, corn, peas, dried fruit and pecans for another.