Omnivore - Dear Santa: Some wishes and dislikes

Some more holiday wishes from readers


Today we have the wishes and un-wishes of Ted George, who was one of the first readers to respond to my Santa letter.

Ted wishes for:

...a reasonable glass of house wine, i.e. less than $7. As you know, many very ordinary places start at $7 or even $8. Doesn't have to be particularly good, but you should have the option of a cheap glass of wine, $6 max, preferably $5. Quite a few places do it.

Also a high-quality Chinese (not Thai not Viet.) place in-town —- preferably not too fancy, i.e. like the best Buford Hwy places. Frank Ma was on Briarcliff Rd briefly, then flew the coop again.

And last but not least, in this time of Depression —- value, value, value. Ditch the glitz (and then don't forget to lower the prices).

And he wishes AGAINST:

Confusion cuisine, where they throw the whole spice rack in there —- gotta have cilantro, ginger, jalapenos,
soy and whatever else is at hand. I certainly like creative cuisine, but as a conservative I believe in time-
tested verities, including recipes. If you want to invent something new, the bar is high and you should
think it through.