Omnivore - Cooking: Hugh Acheson's A New Turn in the South

Trying out chef Hugh Acheson's new cookbook

Pimento cheese with smoked paprika
Hugh Acheson's cookbook, A New Turn in the South, seems well positioned for those looking to cook more in the new year, full of (relatively) simple Southern-inspired flavors and ingredients. I was happy to receive the book as a holiday gift, and chose a few recipes to attack over the New Year's weekend. The book is filled with familiar dishes, often with a few subtle detours that make the recipes unique. Quirky little doodles and some lovely photography bring the recipes to life.

For a lunch with friends, I chose to make deviled eggs and pimiento cheese - perfectly traditional Southern party food, and both benefiting here from the twist of Spanish smoked paprika. For dinner at home, I chose a Brussels sprouts salad and "pickled" shrimp - light and vibrant dishes to counteract all the eggs and cheese I knew I would be eating. All were easy to knock out, and all turned out great.