Omnivore - Upcoming play depicts lighter side of Waffle House - uh, Palace""

Atlanta playwrights present world premiere comedy set at a fictionalized Waffle House.


This spring, L5P playhouse Horizon Theatre pays tribute to a Southern institution with The Waffle Palace: Smothered, Covered, and Scattered 24/7/365. Actor/playwrights Larry Larson and Eddie Levi Lee, the driving forces behind the madcap, chainsaw-wielding Southern Theatre Conspiracy in the 1980s, reunite for a light-hearted look at a ubiquitous restaurant chain. According to Horizon's season announcement:

From births to marriages to Big Foot sightings, police chases and lottery wins, anything can happen at 3 AM in the Waffle Palace. Inspired by amazing real life events at Waffle House restaurants, Larson and Lee (award winning playwrights of Horizon's Charm School) let loose with this roller coaster of humor, music, and imagination in which John Picket and his multi-racial staff battle to keep their Midtown diner open against heavy odds. The Waffle Palace: a place where everyone is welcome, and the only unforgivable sins are throwing waffles and under-tipping.

The Waffle Palace will run from May 11 through June 24 as part of Horizon's 2012 season. Hmmm, if only we had an award-winning Waffle House expert who could vet the play for authenticity.