Omnivore - The Guy Fieri drinking game

The next time a mindless channel changing sesh takes you to a random episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or Guy's Big Bite, Freeze! Don't change the channel, don't roll your eyes or start baggin' on the dude's bleachy cactus head, or his fake Italian last name! In fact, don't do any of the things you might normally do in this situation because thanks to chow.com, we have a great reason to stay tuned: The Guy Fieri Drinking Game.

The idea is basic:

Drink a single when Guy says: "Bad boy," "Golden," or "Hit," e.g., “Hit it with your sauce, pile on your coleslaw, then hit it with your sauce again!"

Drink a double when Guy says: "Money," e.g., holding up a pulled pork sandwich and declaring, “That is just money,” or any variation on "roll," e.g., “Whole cinnamon’s my way to roll!”

Drink a full shot when Guy says: "Crustification," or, if playing while watching Guy’s Big Bite, any time programming changes on the TV in Guy's "living room" during the episode. For instance, if it goes from drag racing to sky diving to bears feeding on salmon rushing upstream, fill it up to the rim

Not that you were actually looking for a reason to get down with Guy, but hey, buzzed and bored is better than just plain bored, right? Oh, and a "single" is the measure of the height of one finger when held horizontally to a shot glass, a "double" is two fingers high and so on. Money!

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