Omnivore - Evernote goes foodie

The popular app simplifies recording meal adventures


Image The iPhone app I use most is Evernote. It's great for recording stray thoughts before they streak across my brain to the ever enlarging dustbin of the unremembered. Actually, I still prefer to handwrite notes but they are easy to lose, while Evernote organizes and synchs everything with my laptop.

I use Evernote most for making notes during meals, of course. But, now, there's an Evernote app geared specifically to mealtime adventures, Evernote Food. It allows you to take pics, make notes, and send the contents by email, Twitter, and Facebook.

There are less comprehensive apps like Nosh and Foodspotting, but they focus mainly on photo sharing. Evernote Food is more about maintaining a personal record. It also links to the basic app.

The only complaint I share with some others is that you can only edit notes on your phone, not with your synched devices.

UPDATE: And now, another foodie app. It's iMunchie.