Omnivore - Mob scenes at Cardamom Hill and Empire State South

Sublime food turns out crowds

I just filed a "first look" about Cardamom Hill and wanted to be sure readers see this video of owner-chef Asha Gomez. The video was made about a year ago when she was hosting the private Spice Route Supper Club. Gomez provides a thorough explanation of the Kerala cuisine she cooks.

SRSC from Proper Medium on Vimeo.

Obviously, I'm quite taken with Gomez's food. My first experience of it reminded me of the time I ate a rose-petal tagine in a Moroccan restaurant in Paris. The taste was epiphanic. Here's another video, made during opening night earlier this week.

Check out the flash mob event staged by the ATL Collective at Empire State South last week. It featured the Shadowboxers.