Omnivore - Are you a sitophiliac?

Who knew combining sex with food has a name?

Resn Feed on FWA tv from Resn on Vimeo.

I'm sure you've heard of sitophilia, right? Yeah, me either. It's the clinical term for the not-so-unusual fetish that overtly combines food and sex.

I discovered the term (and the surreal video above) during research for my next "Grazing" column, which will be about food and eros. Yes, I know that some people find the subject vulgar. (In fact, one local blogger — who also anonymously comments here now and then — inevitably Tweets his disgust if I include anything sexual in "Grazing." I must be doing my job right.)

Sitophilia has certainly been graphically depicted in a lot of films. The only thing I remember about the movie "Tom Jones" is the famously erotic dinner scene. Since then, there has been a slew of films explicitly linking food and sex. A couple of examples are "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Tampopo":