Omnivore - Is Boston's pizza better than Atlanta's?

NBA writer John Hollinger says Boston has better pizza than Atlanta.

That's the question Twitter was asking this week after well-known Atlantan, friend of CL, and ESPN NBA writer John Hollinger made just such an assertion.

Hollinger — no stranger to controversy — tweeted this before attending a Celtics game Tuesday night in Boston:

Going from "good pizza" in Atlanta to "good pizza" in Boston is like going from a D-League All-Star to an NBA All-Star.

For those who are sports challenged — I'm looking at you, entire CL editorial staff — that means he says ATL pizza sucks in comparison. And that's when Twitter blew up. (At least my feed, which basically has entire separate lists for "basketball" and "ATL") Not surprising, for those who know of Atlanta's pizza wars. I and many others Tweeted back to him that he needs to try Antico, the idea being that anyone who says Regina Pizzeria in Boston is better than our own Napoli-inspired perfection has either never visited or eats without a tongue. Others quickly chimed in with other suggestions. Hollinger, not helping his foodie cred, responded to the comments thusly:

Actually I like Mellow Mushroom a lot ... but best places in Northeast are in a different class.

Personally, I think Antico is far and away the best pizza I've ever had in the states, and that counts Dallas, San Francisco, New York, you name it. But maybe some of you Boston transplants will tell me I'm wrong. Give it your best shot.