Omnivore - Baton strikes again

Assaulted with Sichuan spice by a man in a Raiders cap

Image I was clubbed. Assaulted. Overwhelmed. Like a helpless animal brought down by a jaguar. The guy with the long hair and the tattoos and the Oakland Raiders cap did it to me. Punch after punch after punch. Ten punches to be exact. Ten punches that left me hurting, burning ... and impressed. How did he do that - so fast, so coordinated, so fiery? I can even tell you who it was. It was Danny Bowein. And, OK, he's no thug - he's a chef.

Danny Bowein has a reputation as a San Francisco underground "pop up" prophet, a perpetrator of ridiculous shizz. But Danny Bowein is not exactly under the radar any more. His face has been plastered all over TV screens lately, so ID'ing him is not so hard. He's had drinks with Tony Bourdain on The Layover and slapped noodles with Martha Stewart. He's practically a West Coast version of David Chang - that chef with a crazy combination of street cred and media frenzy (Chang recently showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon getting slightly slizzered and talking about bourbon and the beauty of cheap American beer).