Omnivore - The Lawrence opens tonight

Serving preview dinners this weekend


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In case you haven't heard, it's open for real...sort of. Thrillist confirms that The Lawrence is open tonight and Friday for preview dinners and provides a hint at the menu:

They're keeping the menu for this weekend's affairs under tight wraps, but it'll probably be close to Shane Devereux's/George Brooks' eventual eclectic Southern offerings, which’ll feature Bar Bites like house beef jerky w/ mirin & sambal, crispy pig ears, and potted shrimp w/ toast, plus slightly bigger guys like terrine of ham hock w/ lemon mustard, and browned grits with "Greek Kiss", also a band featuring Thrace Frehley and Paulseidon Stanley.

Middle-sized plates will eventually include duck tongue carnitas and roasted monkfish w/ hen of the woods, smoked clam & garlic jus, while full-on mains will range from stuffed poussin to triggerfish, rabbit schnitzel w/ fennel salad, and a dry-aged strip w/ caramel cipollini & hog jowls, if John McCain hasn’t hogged them all himself already.

Kinda Holeman and Finch, eh?

The restaurant, from the Top Flr/Sound Table guys, is located at 905 Juniper St. (770-710-1618) in the former Lupe/Cuerno space. The preview meals are $85 each and reservations are available online only.