Omnivore - When will you be able to drink wine and beer at Atlanta Starbucks?

Starbucks to offer beer and wine in select Atlanta stores.

We're late to this, for no good reason, so I'm sure you've heard that Starbucks has chosen Atlanta as one of its three markets to expand its wine-and-beer-after-4pm program. It currently sells wine and beer and small plates of food in a few stores in Seattle and Portland. Included in the expansion besides Atlanta will be Chicago and Southern California.

Okay, so that's the news. Now, my questions:

1. What type of wine? If you watch the video above, you can make out the wine bottles, but Starbucks says the selection will be locally influenced, which leads me to believe you'll be drinking Sweetwater after you finish your cappuccinos.

2. Do they run test-marketing in my head? Because this concept directly correlates to my lifestyle: drink as much caffeine as possible until a socially acceptable time to imbibe, and then alternate as your energy level demands.

3. Which stores? Seriously. Don't announce you're planning to do this and give us no hint. May I be the first to suggest the store at 7th and Peachtree? You're welcome.