Omnivore - New wine shop, 3 Parks Wine, to open in Glenwood Park

3 Parks Wine to open in May


Ormewood Park resident Bob Conquest believes that wine is a social thing. So it's not surprising that his soon-to-open wine shop, 3 Parks Wine, was conceived with that same principle in mind. Located at the convergence of three East Atlanta neighborhoods, Conquest set out to create a wine shop in his own backyard that caters to his neighbors and to his community. Instead of focusing on France, or California, or New World vs. Old, Conquest says that ultimately, 3 Parks' selection will be a collection of the neighborhood's choosing.

According to their website, customers will be able to rate the wines they carry, see what their neighbors are recommending, and even suggest the wines they'd like to see on the shelves.

Conquest intends to receive extensive feedback from customers through social media, e-mail, face-to-face interaction, and even texting. "Depending on their comfort level, people can get back to us with whatever they want to use."

To get things rolling, however, customers can expect a unique selection of boutique wines, including many organic and eco-friendly labels. And although 3 Parks will carry a handful of top-tier, "special occasion" wines in the $60-$80 price range, most bottles will fall within $15-$20 each. "I've done my research," Conquest says, " and people are looking for wines at an affordable price point. And they're looking for convenience."

According to Facebook, 3 Parks Wine's "ETA" is set for May 1 at 880 Glenwood Ave. Until then, the folks at 3 Parks Wine invite you to e-mail them with any suggestions or wine recommendations at 3parkswine at gmail.com.

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