Omnivore - The Fifth Ivory: a new piano bar-restaurant in Midtown

Kind of strange, kind of retro


What is it? It looks kind of like a supine gingerbread man. But it’s actually a plate of fried green tomatoes at The Fifth Ivory, where I ate with friends Friday night. I’ll be filing a “first look” at the place later this week. I’ll comment on the food then.

The main draw of Fifth Ivory is its downstairs space — a piano bar. The evening we visited, it was surreally packed with men in black suits and tuxedos. (No, it wasn’t a Mafia meet-and-greet.) When we moved upstairs for dinner, we were seated beside a couple who began reminiscing about nightspots in the Pleistocene era of Atlanta gay life.

All-in-all, it was a very strange experience, but perfectly sane friends have raved about the place, so maybe we hit it on an astrologically perverse evening. I shall return.