Omnivore - Midtown Patch and Hugh Acheson throw down in Twitter spat over health rating

A Twitter argument over health scores at Empire State South.


Here’s how it went down:

(The very fake-sounding name of) Hunt Archbold at Midtown Patch posted a notice saying that Broadway Diner had scored a perfect 100 in its latest health rating. He then noted other scores from Midtown restaurants, including a 78 on March 6 from Empire State South.

That’s when our hero, @HughAcheson, appeared in the Twitter ether. (Tweether?) He scolded @MidtownPatch, pointing out that since that rating (March 9 and 10), the restaurant had scored two perfect 100s. He even linked to the State of Georgia Board of Health for proof. As Acheson fairly noted:
Not saying it didn’t exist, nor that it wasn’t our error, but our current score is 100.
Archbold responded like any grizzled, ass-kicking news veteran would:
@HughAcheson It’s all good. Look forward to my next date with you pork belly and kimchi grits soon. That and a vodka-inspired cocktail.