Omnivore - LeRoy and Jeon pair up at the Pinewood

Decatur craft bar takes shape


The Pinewood Tippling Room has announced that in addition to the craft creations of barkeep T. Fable Jeon, the pub's menu will be overseen by consulting chef Julia LeRoy. LeRoy (formerly of the Bookhouse Pub and Seeger's) plans to offer diners an array of "reinterpreted Southern classics" like fried green tomatoes, venison, sweet potatoes, and a re-imagined fried bologna sandwich.

According to Jeon, the Pinewood will "offer the same creativity and attention to detail that you'd find in an upscale cocktail bar or restaurant, but without the artifice. We're a neighborhood place."

So what do we know about the Pinewood so far? Opening sometime this spring in the old Cakes & Ale space, ambitious craft cocktails, regionally inspired Southern fare, and a soft spot for OutKast. Hey ya!