Omnivore - ‘Eating Alabama’ looks at farming in the South

A new documentary on Alabama farming


This trailer for Eating Alabama highlights a project that we might be able to lump in with the smorgasbord of “let’s freak out about the food industry” documentaries. But the film focuses on issues unique to the South, and its fresh perspective has the potential to set it apart.

===According to this article on Grist, Eating Alabama focuses on diverse industries, from vegetable farming to poultry raising===
. It emphasizes Alabama’s prominent role in the food industry as the third top broiler producing state in the country ===(Georgia is the first)===.

Filmmaker Andrew Beck Grace sets out to tell the story of the local farmers who are trying to rebuild the industry through alternative and sustainable methods. We’ll have to watch it to find out if this is a Southern-flavored remake of Food Inc. or a unique and thorough look into regional farming.