Omnivore - Last call at Franco's

The Italian favorite is closing after 20-plus years


The one-week countdown began yesterday. Franco's, which has occupied the intersection of Cheshire Bridge and Piedmont more than 20 years, closes next Thursday, April 5. Remodeling of the Italian-American restaurant's exterior has already begun. I'm not sure who the next tenant will be, but one rumor I've heard twice says it will become a sushi spot — strange, since Nakato, reputedly the oldest Japanese restaurant in Atlanta, is just a few doors down.

This reduces the Italian triumvirate on Cheshire Bridge to a duo. Nino's and Alfredo's continue to thrive in their nearby, inconspicuous buildings. Nino's, which opened in 1968, calls itself Atlanta's oldest Italian restaurant. Alfredo's opened in the mid-'70s. Both are nostalgia trips and their food may surprise you.

If you want a final meal at Franco's, make a reservation: 404-381-1157