Omnivore - The Fifth Ivory hires Patric Bell

Former chef at West Egg Cafe to upgrade the menu



Well, here’s some great news. Patric Bell, former chef at West Egg Cafe, announced on his Facebook page Wednesday evening that he will be consulting at The Fifth Ivory :

Very pleased to announce that I will be working with Aaron and Cam at The Fifth Ivory, helping them take their vision to the next level. If you haven’t been there—or if you have—look for great things in the near future!

Readers may recall that my recent “first look” at the restaurant was not positive and provoked an avalanche of angry comments from its fans. I would inventory all the personal insults but I don’t want to eat up CL’s bandwidth.

Bell is a terrific chef with great wit. I think it’s probably fair to say he launched the cupcake obsession in our city. His cooking at West Egg, where he was chef for seven years, was usually all about Southern comfort.

Besides consulting, he’s also teaching a wide variety of cooking classes these days — everything from French and Indian to gluten-free and vegan.

I can’t wait to try his menu at Fifth Ivory ... as soon as I put together a disguise.