Omnivore - UK Pizza Huts humiliate Americans

Double you heart-attack risk with a hot dog hiding inside a pizza


We don't like to believe that other nations have surpassed our own technological genius. But here is proof that even the Brits are leaving us in the dust: a pizza with hot dogs buried in the crust and "FREE mustard drizzle." Yum! Free mustard drizzle.

Unfortunately, it really is only available at Pizza Huts in the UK. And Gizmodo isn't happy about that at all:

What the hell, America‽ I thought we were the land of junk food? I thought we were hot dog heaven. I mean, sure, we didn't invent pizza, but we damn sure invented Pizza Hut! Delicious but disgusting-if-you-think-about-it cuisine is what we do best.

Whatever. We invented the corn dog and that will be around long after the FDA bans this pizza from production in the US.