Omnivore - Sticky situation: Dekalb seeks to lift food truck ban

County ban on mobile food trucks outdated


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  • Dekalb County could start seeing ice cream trucks around more often

Every urban kid should be running after an ice cream truck in the summer, right? But for kids in Dekalb, the idea has never been a staple to their summertime memories. Dekalb County still does not allow vendors to sell food on the street from any sort of cart or vehicle because of an outdated county code.

While I'm pretty sure that's a crime in itself, the County agreed to look towards voting on allowing the mobile food culture to finally have a place in the streets of Dekalb. Even though it's a step in the right direction, summer will be in full swing before anything will be officially decided.

Will the commissioners allow food truck culture to thrive outside of Atlanta's streets? More importantly, will they help give these kids a childhood memory of chasing after that obnoxious tune and smell of sweet creamsicles to remember forever?