Omnivore - Checking out So Ba, Ilan Breeze and Morelli's

Eating in East Atlanta Village


I've hung out in East Atlanta Village a bit the last few days. Last night, I had a bowl of pho at So Ba in preparation for my next "Grazing" column. Afterward, I walked across the street to the new Ilan Breeze with a Touch of Soul.

As the name suggests, the restaurant blends Caribbean and Southern cooking. Thus the menu includes jerk chicken and stewed oxtails as well as fried chicken and ribs smoked in a Mississippi-style mustard sauce.

I hope to check it out soon.

I also recently paid a visit to Morelli's for the first time in months. I didn't find my favorite ginger-lavender, but I could easily become as addicted to the ginger-Guiness. I liked it for the same reason somebody else rejected it after a sample taste. "That burns!" she exclaimed, fanning her mouth. Yes, fanning a mouth full of ice cream. Burning. Sad.

I also tried the coffee-caramel-crunch — not bad but certainly not as stimulating as the ginger stuff.